Orion Healing Detox and Yoga Center

The Orion Healing Retreat Center is nestled in the serene Srithanu bay in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Amid soothing sounds and rippling waters, the center specializes in detox, healing retreats, and holistic therapies which help to balance your mind, body and soul, restoring a sense of serenity and vitality.

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Orion Retreats on Koh Phangan, Thailand


We have created a fusion of holistic packages where the individual effects of each program are enhanced by combining programs.


Our Detoxification and Rejuvenation packages were designed though our experiences of the phenomenon of people studying Reiki while on a detox cleanse.


People experience much easier cleanses, with a heightened level of vitality and better results when combining colonic cleansing with Reiki healing and Reiki initiations.


Yoga and pranayama are extremely beneficial to cleansers and those taking part in our courses. Yoga increases energy and vitality, blood flow, concentration and awareness.

We also practice specific asanas (positions) for our cleansers to help to release blockages around the area of the intestines and related organs.


Our 12 Day Alchemy Detox and Wellness Transformation Retreat is the ultimate package for transformation set in a retreat environment.


This includes many elements that, when put together, create an alchemy effect on the body and soul. Being on a retreat means that all participants start and finish together and a group experience can be shared.