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If you would like a personal training please submit your desired course and date though our reservation tab. 1:1 courses will be charged an extra 3000 THB.

Please confirm your place prior to arrival.
Reiki Level I
Duration of program 2 days
Price 5000 THB
Reiki Level II
Duration of program 2 days
Price 7000 THB
Reiki Level I & II
Duration of program 4 days
Price 12,000 THB
Reiki III/ IV Master Teacher
Duration of program 4-5 days
Price 24,500 THB
We encourage Reiki healers to become teachers and spread the seeds of Reiki globally. Following Reiki Master Courses, pupils are encouraged to stay at Orion for an apprenticeship and an opportunity to practice the teachings in order to gain insight into healing, experience and confidence.

Reiki and Healing with Crystals
Duration of program 5 days
Price 12,000THB
Healing with Crystals Workshop
Duration of program 3 days
Price 7,000THB
Reiki Level I, Level II & Healing with Crystals
Duration of program 7 Days
Price 19,000 THB
Re-initiation for Reiki or Initiation into Orion Reiki for existing Reiki Practitioners on Koh Phangan, Thailand
1/2 day course 2500 B
Reiki for Kids
Duration of program 2 days
Price 5,000 THB
Extensions for Reiki
We can initiate Reiki Practitioners into additional symbols from the following traditions. Students must have undergone a Reiki Master initiation to receive these symbols. (Reiki Mastership may not have necessarily been done at Orion Healing Centre.)

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