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Orion Reiki

The New Generation of Energy Healing

Just over a decade ago I had my Satori in New York, this was the catalyst to the great change that was to happen in my life and was going to affect the lives of many others. I had studied traditional Reiki which was the initial gateway to this shift, and had gone through a DNA activation. As a result of this a new energy balancing technique was channeled through me.

I understood that something had changed after performing a conventional Reiki session. In the treatment I experienced the feeling of pins and needles in the tips of my fingers followed by a pulsing sensation, and afterwards I felt a wind element entering from the tips of the fingers into my body. I looked at my client and saw that our breath was synchronized. During this session we became one essence, like our souls were dancing together. I felt like I was a puppet with strings moved by a puppeteer. The treatment was guided by the Divine.
After that my hands started to move and stop in hand positions that I had never used before, my hands were moving in spirals like a DNA helix. At this time I realized that a new balancing method was channeled through me, and I have been using it and teaching it ever since.

Today after 13 years of teaching this healing method many of my students experience the same spirals while doing treatments. They are working on the DNA level, releasing blockages and negative energy patterns on this level. Many times my wife Daliah or I have given sessions to people who have experienced previous energy healing sessions, who say they have felt something deeper, that they can’t explain in words, as if they were in a different dimension. What they experienced was the Theta state, which is a lower brain frequency than conventional healing or Reiki, which works in the Alfa state. Work done while in Theta state is deep and profound.
Theta is the same brain wave frequency as that of hypnosis or dreaming, like just before we wake up when we can hear the birds outside although we are still sleeping.
As I initiated students to the system of conventional Reiki, this evolved version was being channeled directly to them. This is why people were feeling deeper or diverse feelings; my students were receiving not only the Reiki channel but Theta as well, they had gone through an activation process. As time went on I started to see more DNA spirals in my treatments, and and many of my students report feeling themselves being shifted to a higher level of consciousness during my initiations; they experience a higher level of DNA activation.

The work we are doing now is to prepare for the beginning of a new era, where humanity is shifting to a higher level of consciousness; this is happening through sessions and attunements and as more people are activated, people around them are spontaneously activating.

My work is primarily to create balance and harmony, to connect people with the deep vibration of the earth. We need this connection so that we can learn to live together with our planet harmoniously. As each individual transforms our vibration affects others creating a global shift.

Live your dream
Ari Barkan