The founders of Orion have been teaching Reiki in Thailand and around the world for the last 20 years. This is a very special time where we need to expedite the process of awakening. One of these ways is by spreading these teaching far and wide.

During this collective change here at Orion we believe Reiki healing should be accessible to all no matter who you are or where you are.

Reiki, meaning universal life force energy reminds us we are all part of this universal energy and so can offer healing regardless of time and space. Learn this and all other aspects of Reiki healing through the online courses designed to be flexible to you and your life.

Attunements are shared tools for our era, as we earth-beings seek a shift to a higher level of consciousness; To become transmitters of light, and channels for healing.” Daliah

You will be provided with a 

  • Downloadable course manual
  • Course instruction via zoom
  • Long distance Reiki Attunement
  • Practice session
  • Reiki Session with Masters Daliah or Ari *
Reiki Level 1

Duration of program 2 days –7000 THB

Reiki Level 2

Duration of program 2 days – 9,000 THB

Reiki Level 3/ Master

Duration of program 2 days – 15,000 THB

Reiki 3 & 4 Master Teacher

Duration of program 4 days – 25,000 THB

Reiki 1 – Master Teacher

Duration of program 9 days (these can be spaced out into 3 months) – 41 000 THB

Worldwide Orion Reiki Family Promotion

+ Take 15% Off Single Course (Reiki I- 5950 THB, Reiki II - 7650 THB, Reiki III 12,750 THB, Reiki Master Teacher III and IV- 21,250 THB)


+ Take 30% Off All Courses (Reiki I - Master Teacher - 28,700 THB)

*When all courses are booked


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Reiki 1 Reiki 2 Reiki Master Teacher 3/4 Reiki Session Virtual Coaching Pleiadian Crystal Healing Session


To schedule an online course please contact us directly at


Please state the time zone that you are in and any background in the Reiki linage.

If you would like to book an online course with Ari or Daliah please email


Dr. Mikao Usui
Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
Mrs. HawayoTakata
Phyllis Lei Furumoto & Swami Anand Sirdjandar
Fokke Brink & Hans Treffers & Ma Prem Chandira & Iryna Paritosh & Forostyan / Ute Eikermann

Teachers at Orion Healing Centre

Ari Barkan Grand Reiki Master
Channeled New Orion Reiki Linage

Daliah Barkan

You will be initiated into the 8th /9th/10th Generation of the Usui system of natural healing and the Orion Reiki Linage


My experience of receiving the Master Reiki training with Daliah was amazing and powerful. I really felt I upgraded on my understanding of the process of Energy exchange and know deeper this new experience of giving healing as well.

I recommend to anyone who really would like to live a beautiful experience of learning Reiki to go for this training. Daliah is a super Reiki Master from years who really knows how to transmit her knowledge with passion.

Thanks so much for everything!

- Elsa, France

I did my Reiki level 1 with Daliah Barkan, one of the founders of Orion Healing Centre. I have to say this was one of the most magical weekends of my life. A whole new view of life and the Universe was discovered during this time .

Daliah has a great approach to teaching where she is more of a guide and really helps you to develop your own style and work intuitively. During the initiation I felt quite emotional and she has a great caring energy that really carried me through when I needed it.

This training has changed my life and I cannot wait to do my level 2. Highly recommended!

- Kristal, UK



Wow what a fabulous place!

Orion healing centre has been my ‘home’ for a month now and I have had so many amazing experiences here, met so many like minded people and grown personally and spiritually.

I have had the pleasure of learning Reiki level 2, 3 and Master teacher qualifications with both Daliah and Ari the owners of Orion. Their level of experience and professionalism has impressed me and I thank them both for all they have taught me. Following my Reiki Master Teacher completion they have given me the space and opportunity to practice at Orion and become more competent.

- Sammy, UK

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