Orion Healing Detox and Yoga Center

The Orion Healing Retreat Center is nestled in the serene Srithanu bay in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Amid soothing sounds and rippling waters, the center specializes in detox, healing retreats, and holistic therapies which help to balance your mind, body and soul, restoring a sense of serenity and vitality.

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Your body is a temple!

We believe that we can transform ourselves by eating consciously.

At ORION CAFÉ, we serve healthy and vibrant vegetarian/vegan food

including Raw&Living food, Superfoods, Whole food, Sattvic-Yogic food

(prepared according to Ayurveda), Japanese and Thai vegetarian cuisine.

Our food is prepared in a way which keeps the highest energy level of all

Ingredients. These foods help to deepen your spiritual practices and many

of our teas, juices and dishes are designed to enhance the detoxing process.


This is a great place for those who are transitioning to a vegetarian diet.

We use organic vegetables and ingredients as much as possible from our own

garden, local markets, and we also source specialists ingredients from all over

the world. We use only mineral rich natural salts, unrefined whole sugar, raw

honey, mineral-rich maple syrup, fine cold-pressed oils, unrefined wheat,

organic local brown and red rice, organic local soy beans, high quality

Japanese Miso and Shouyu (soy sauce). For cooking, we use only homemade

ghee or local rice bran oil which have high smoking point.


We prepare our mostly organic raw nuts by soaking and dehydrating, so they

are more nutritious and all the enzymes are activated. Home made nut milks are

made for use in breakfast dishes and drinks.(see pictured right)

Our super smoothies, raw dishes and raw sweets are so innovative and nutritious that you

will have a new experience of raw food. All sprouted seeds, grains, nuts and rice are

prepared in our kitchen.


We use reverse osmosis filtered water for washing ingredients and cooking.

We make sure that we DO NOT use any GMO products and sauces

containing MSG, artificial additives, colorings, preservatives and flavorings.

All dressings, mayonnaise and ketchup are home made.

We do not use any aluminum cookware in our kitchen.


May the Shakti of Orion café make you feel divine!!