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Theta healing is amazing! Finally I have found my path in life and I have never felt better! Not only did I heal a great deal of issues that I had going on during the course, I also received an qualification to help others heal!

Thanks to Martin for being such a patient teacher.

Richard Sykes, Theta Healing Course

The eight days I spent on the three courses were life changing. It was magical to see the change in everybody as the days progressed. Everyone doing the course looked lighter and happier with each day, as the courses involve lots of practice on each other. Martin is a great teacher. He didn’t seem to tire from the many questions I asked him and was able to answer each one to my satisfaction. I highly recommend Theta Healing and Martin as both a practitioner and a teacher to anyone who is looking for healing or simply just looking to be all they can be. In three sessions Martin managed to clear masses of negative emotion that I had carried with me for over a decade related to a trauma I had experienced in my teens. He also took out the core beliefs behind why I had suffered the trauma in the first place. This was incredible for me as I had tried many mainstream therapies’ trying to remove these issues but never succeeded.I was so amazed and delighted by how much better I felt I decided to take the first three Theta Healing course’s with Martin.

Genevieve Faulkner, Theta Healing Course

I really enjoyed being in the course.

It was held in a beautiful surrounding with great energy; on the small island Koh Phangan, Thailand, in January 2013. It was a 9 days course, Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and the Game of Life. I learned a lot and met wonderful people from all over the world. Martin is a great teacher and therapist (I had a very helpful session with him as well). I like his respect for the free will and the complete acceptance of everybody and any issue that came up.

Theta healing itself is a powerful tool to get rid of any unwanted issues, no matter if it is emotional, physical, spiritual or mental. When I came to the seminar, I had a broken heart, was quite depressed and had so much pain in my body that I could hardly walk. Already after DNA 1 and 2 I was much better, the pain was gone and I felt a big relieve. When I was back home, my friends said, I would look fresh, happy and younger than before. I hope the theta healing energy will spread out all over the world and inspire people to create their lives full of joy, fulfillment, abundance, love and peace.

Cecile Blumenbar, Theta Healing Course

After more than 2 decades of living with the same sole destroying core beliefs, daily emotional turmoil and after trying numerous mainstream therapies, I turned to Martin for Theta Healing.

WOW! After just two sessions with Martin, I feel like a totally new person.

Emma Quinn, Theta Healing Treatment

I am a firm believer in the power of energy healing thanks to your insight, especially craniosacral methods.

Jason Butler, Portland, Oregon.

Thanks so much for the chats, CranioSacral Treatment (which was so amazing!), Chakra Balancing, and your time especially.


An overflow of sensations, the Reiki treatment put me completely at ease. I love the peacefulness of it. I have not felt so relaxed and in tune in such a long time.

Lesley, Canada

I felt totally relaxed, thoughtless, brighter and lighter following the amazing treatment.

Elizabeth, England

In 3 sessions of Reiki over two days my lower back relaxed in ways I have not felt in years, taking the pain of lying down and standing up away so suddenly.

Time, Denmark

Wow, the healing touch of Reiki is so much stronger than just words. My mind was just so rid of distracting thoughts and I am focused on the present and the moment. Reiki is a truly moving experience.

Rebecca, Canada

I came last year and had a wonderful experience…. After the Healing with Crystals session I got the coach to the Airport and we were about to miss the plane, everyone was stressed but I was totally chilled out about the situation. I would normally be stressing out, so it was so great to be chilled out! I have returned to Orion Healing to have a treatment on my trip to Thailand this year.

Leila, England

Last week I had an accident with my motorbike and my ribs were in pain. After the healing treatment most of the pain was gone….. In the session I felt such a strong power in my body. Today I had my second session and it was so powerful now I feel no more pain.

Finn, Holland

I have never before had such an experience, very relaxing.

Jason, England

A email I received from a lady that had a DNA activation earlier this year:

I visited you with my husband in March during our honeymoon; I just wanted to let you know that after the DNA Activation I have not been the same. After a series of event that were a “wake up call” I have taken time of work am now selling certified organic personal care and essential oils. The vision is to protect the environment and give back. But I know in my heart I need to do more for people. My husband and I make raw food and now people ask us to show them too. We plan to start teaching people and having dinners, all this has lead me on a path to a new career, which I am searching for.I know you are doing amazing work, and I know my path is to help people in the same way you are, thank you for all you have done.

Joy, Australia