Orion Founder's Story

The constellation of Orion, The brightest in the night sky, illuminating the path on planet earth.

An Illuminated mystical experience through Reiki, planted the seed of self-transformation in our Founder Ari Barkan and from this came a crystal clarity as to how shine the path for self-transformation in others. Dedicating his life’s purpose to helping those who are thriving to find their inner calling in life, to find out how to live to their full potential fulfill their visions and dreams in happiness and health.

Ari and Daliah are the husband and wife team who co-founded Orion Healing Centre. They met on a Vipassana meditation retreat in 2002, at this time Ari had already opened his first Retreat Centre. They went on to establish the first Orion Centre together on Koh Phangan in 2006. Daliah and Ari are parents to 3 children who are being raised here on the islands of Southern Thailand.

Ari is a Reiki Grand Master who has been dedicated to the understanding and practice of this esoteric art for over 2 decades. He teaches internationally on the subjects of energy channeling, healing and self-mastery, becoming the architect of your dream life. Creating ripples for global change on earth.

Ari experienced the privilege of studying the Reiki Master level with 3 Reiki Masters from the traditional Usui Reiki lineage. In 2000, Ari received a clear vision that illuminated his path. He followed this inner vision to Thailand, where he studied meditation with Thai monks in traditional cave settings and the esoteric techniques from many religions and cultures. He has also been fortunate enough to study with several famed kabbalistis.

Daliah is a Reiki Master, intuitive healer, CranioSacral practitioner and yoga teacher, who first set foot upon her spiritual path very early in life.

She is the founding mother of Orion Healing Centre. Daliah has been sharing her love for Reiki, guiding holistic detox retreats, treating and holding courses to attune people to this divine energy for over 15 years.

Orion Reiki gives us tools for this era, where humanity has made the shift to a higher level of consciousness; these tools are transferred though the energetic code embedded into Reiki attunements. More and more people are resonating to a higher frequency, that of unconditional love, where we feel into the deep needs of each other, all earth beings and the planet.

Note from the founder

Thank you to Great Spirit for the guidance beyond words. Thanks to the Divine for allowing my soul to come back and be a vessel to help bridge the man-made gap between our fellow human beings and nature so we can all live in harmony again. Many thanks to my mother who always supported me along the way, who had full understanding in me following my heart. Thanks also to my father for his patience and understanding. A special thanks to all my teachers, guides and angels along the way.

And most of all special thanks and endless gratitude to my Beloved wife, the love of my life for her own transformation and personal growth, her trust and support along the way. For all her amazing work, teachings and treatments over the years and for being so strong.

Live Your Dream in health, happiness and longevity. - Ari

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