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If “You are what you eat”, then maybe it’s time for a detox?  

How a simple drink can help you to reset and detox your entire system.

Sadly, the world is becoming increasingly toxic. Just last year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) claimed that “Air pollution is on so of the greatest environmental risks to human health”.

But it’s not just our lungs that absorb toxins from the environment. Increased exposure to household cleaning chemicals, beauty products, microplastics, as well as food fertilizers and pesticides, are all adding to the toxicity levels that exist within our bodies

If the global cost of living crisis is forcing people to eat cheaply, our “always on busy lifestyles” is equally encouraging people to eat conveniently too. But producing cheap and convent food often requires unnatural methods of preserving and flavouring, which may replace essential nutrients with toxic chemicals that can move the body from an alkaline to an acidic state.

But it’s not all bad news. The process of detoxifying the body can be very simple, as people have been doing it for thousands of years. For instance, a juice cleanse is a great way to rest and reset your digestive system, which in turn gives your body the space to focus on the detoxification process, all within a matter of days. 

How does a detox work?

Digesting food is an energy-intensive process. It involves multiple organs to digest, absorb and convert nutrients within the food, into things like glucose, amino and fatty acids. Removing food from this equation allows the digestive system to reset and redirect this energy into healing and detoxifying parts of the body that usually get overlooked.

The juice itself can also provide a range of health benefits, as fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help to support the immune system and improve overall health.

This makes sense. But what are the benefits of a detox? 

The main focus of a detox is to obviously rid the body of unnecessary toxins. But there are many other benefits that can come with this process which can include:

  • Reducing inflammation: Some juice cleanses focus on anti-inflammatory foods, which may help reduce inflammation in the body and improve overall health.
  • Improving digestion: Even though many people eat healthy foods, if your digestive system is sluggish, then you may not get all the associated benefits from eating all those healthy meals. Some juice cleanses focus on relieving digestive issues, such as bloating and constipation. Many detox and juice cleanse programs include fibre-rich fruits and vegetables, which can also help improve digestion and relieve constipation.
  • Increasing nutrient intake: Juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables can be a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which are important for overall health. Juice cleanses may help people consume more of these nutrients than they would otherwise. 
  • Weight loss: Many juice cleanses are low in calories, which can help people lose weight or jumpstart weight loss efforts, however weight loss by itself should not be the primary motivator for a detox. 

The best thing about all of this is that you only need to do a juice fast for a short amount of time (a few days max). With the right guidance and ingredients, you can easily start doing all of this from your own home. But if it was that simple, everyone would be doing it right? 

Knowing what you need to do and actually doing it are two very different things. You need to have the right conditions in place to complete a juice cleanse, as it can be a very intense physical and emotional process. Having access to expert guidance within a purpose-built environment (where others are undertaking the same journey) can be the difference between quitting or completing this amazing process.

Since 2006 people have been coming to Orion to do this exact thing. For many, having the perfect conditions for true transformation was just something they couldn’t find anywhere else. Considering a detox cleanse at our wellness resort in Koh Phangan comes with many benefits which include;

  • Expert Guidance: Access to detox professionals who can help you to redefine your lifelong relationship with food and guide you through the process of resetting your entire digestive system at a cellular level.
  • Elevate Your Detoxing Experience: Whether it’s a set of reiki treatments, yoga sessions, wellness workshops, or exciting events, you can detox and enjoy new spiritual experiences that you won’t be able to do online or at home. 
  • Community Spirit: Take this epic journey with like-minded detoxers, yogis and people from all around the world. Orion is known as the healing hub of Koh Phangan and as a great place to connect, grow and flourish on many levels. 

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