Cleansing Your Colon for longevity

Colonics, also known as colon hydrotherapy, has played a role in different cultures for years. According to a medical document known as an ‘Ebers Papyrus’ written in Egypt, medical practitioners were practicing colon cleansing as far back as the 1500s. Centuries later, people have adopted and popularised the practice, using it to treat fever, anxiety, and to prevent disease.

Since most diseases start in the gut, detoxing and colon cleansing are beneficial ways to flush out waste in your system. With our modern-day diet consisting heavily of meat, processed food, alcohol, additives, and chemicals, our digestive system’s inability to break down these foods has led to blockages in our gut, leading to many ailments and illnesses.

While colonics may not initially sound like a pleasant experience, many have found the health benefits to be substantial.

What is Colonic?

Colonics are administered by a trained specialist, who inserts a speculum into your rectum, where warm, filtered water is passed through your digestive tract. The hydrotherapy system is a closed loop, so that waste material is flushed out discreetly through the drainage line. Modern-day equipment also utilizes multi-stage water purification and disposable contact elements, eliminating any risk of infection during the process.

During colon hydrotherapy, the specialist will monitor the water temperature and pressure, and adjust them if necessary. They may also give a light massage on your abdomen to help dislodge waste matter still stuck on the walls of the colon.

While the whole process may cause a little discomfort, it is entirely safe. Colonics are especially helpful during a fast or detox programme, as they help you to eliminate toxins quicker from your body.

What to Expect for a Colon Cleanse

The first meeting with your colon hydrotherapist will include a discussion of your symptoms and a walk-through of the whole process. During the session, you lie face up on the treatment table with a drape across your lower body. You will then be assisted with the insertion of a small speculum, made with hygienic, disposable parts, that connects to the hydrotherapy equipment.

The clean purified water then circulates into the rectum. When you are ready, slow ‘fills’ are given, with time to ‘soak’ in between the ‘fills’. After a while, the ‘fills’ of water are stopped and ‘release’ takes place.

The waste is excreted through the tubing and directly into the plumbing system as discreetly as possible. The whole process is simple and fuss-free, without any mess or embarrassment. The main goal of the sessions is your comfort, safety, and well-being.

We recommend that you consult with your doctor before doing a colon cleanse as it may not be suitable for some health conditions. You can also consult with your colon hydrotherapist to determine how frequently you should continue colon cleansing for maintenance. Most people tend to do at least a monthly session for upkeep.

What are the Benefits of a Colonic?

According to Gaiam, a holistic health website, keeping your colon clean can help improve your overall well-being and health and provide many health benefits, like the following:

1. Lowers Your Risk for Colon Cancer

All toxins that are absorbed into the body can wreak havoc on your system. By eliminating toxic waste, you can reduce the risks of polyps, cysts, and cancerous growths in your digestive tract, thus lowering your colon cancer risk.

2.  Reduces Discomfort

By clearing out your colon, you can improve your bowel system, leading to less discomfort from bowel movements. Colonics can also help to maintain system regularity and prevent ineffective digestive responses like IBS, diarrhea, and constipation.

3. Effective Digestion

Once your colon has been cleared out, it can better absorb vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the body. A clean colon allows waste to pass through smoothly and boosts digestion process.

4. Increases Energy and Improves Concentration

Releasing toxins from the body allows energy to be redirected to other parts of your body where it is needed. The buildup of toxins in the digestive tract can also cause mental distraction and loss of focus. After cleansing, many have reported improved blood circulation and newfound vitality.

5. Weight Loss

Low-fiber foods move slowly through the digestive tract and produce excess mucous that sticks to the sides of the colon, weighing it down with decaying fecal matter. After a cleanse, people have claimed to lose up to 20 pounds. Colon cleansing can help kickstart your way into weight loss and towards making healthier food choices.

6. Maintains pH Balance in the Bloodstream

Foods that cause colon blockages are high in acid, leading to an inflamed colon. This may cause the colon to release yeast, mold, bacteria, parasites and fecal matter to flow into the bloodstream, throwing the pH levels in the bloodstream out of balance.  

7. Increases Fertility

A colon that is built up with fecal waste can cause pressure on the uterus and the female reproductive system. The toxins and chemicals in the digestive system may also affect egg and sperm production.

The benefits of colon cleansing are all-encompassing, leaving you feeling lighter, more energized, and with an improved bill of health.

At Orion, we are here to ensure that your colonic is done in a safe and pleasant environment. For the purposes of detoxing, we use colonics to help people eliminate toxins from their bodies faster and clear their systems. Along with our menu of supplements, drinks, and juices, our detox programmes are designed to help you emerge with a renewed boost of energy and vitality for life.

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