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Orion Café detoxifying juices







Fresh Coconut Water


Orion Special Juices

Green Goddess Broccoli, kale, parsley, green apple, celery.

Energy Burst Green apple, spinach, yellow pepper, turmeric, cinnamon.

ABC Apple, beetroot, carrot.

Minty Green Cucumber, green apple, kale, celery.

Mother Earth Beetroot, celery, carrot, ginger.

Immunity Orange, carrot, celery.

Liver Flush  Lemon, orange, garlic, ginger, olive oil, cayenne pepper.


Elixers – 50ml shots Powerful and potent these shots go straight to the point!

Alkalizer Baking soda, lime & touch of sea salt. Balancing the pH levels of the body. Essential to help reduce likelihood of any headaches whilst fasting & therefore deal for coffee drinkers going through withdrawal.

Lymph Flush  Cloves infused in cold water in a shot glass. To stimulate & cleanse the lymph system which may get overloaded whilst fasting, as it is busy removing all the old toxins out of the body.

Kale, Mustard greens, Parsley, Celery and Thai basil. Greens produce Chlorophyll, which oxygenate your body. Aids the release stored toxins in the body.

Tumeric  Pure fresh juiced turmeric with a touch of lemon & a dash of honey & pepper. Classic Asian cure-all remedy. Use for reducing inflammations, cleansing the blood, powerful anti-oxidant, & anti-fungal.

Enzyme  Green papaya juice with a touch of pineapple.
Loaded with digestive enzymes. Whilst fasting, it is excellent to help break down & eliminate old, stuck matter not only in the digestive tract but in each cell of your being. Also important to continue using after fasting to aid the stomach juices to re-adjust to eating. Known as a general anti-ageing tonic, make the most of this whilst available fresh in the tropics!

Chalation  Cilantro & garlic! An amazing simple & natural way to remove heavy metals from the body. Sounds odd, but worth it!

Gotu Kola Juice (Bua Bok) Chlorophyll drink. A classic Thai herbal medicinal drink to improve the skin structure, strengthen the vein walls & for enhanced memory.