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Q. Why should I detox at Orion?
A. Orion Healing Centre offers a safe and supportive setting in which to detox, cleanse and restore the body to a place of harmony. Personal attention and support is available throughout the fasting process. Our foremost priority is the healing process of each individual, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual, and we embrace the connection between each of these. With many years of experience in a plethora of healing techniques, we offer many different treatments to suit the particular needs of each person. We also include a holistic therapy in each cleanse as we know how vital this is to the detox process. Detox yoga is included to revitalise you each morning and our detox massages will leave you feeling completely relaxed and at ease. Daily steam adds a further dimension to this healing, being one of the oldest Asian purification technique, made with local herbs, will ensure that your skin releases toxins and feels great. Koh Phangan is a beautiful island, and is still unspoiled compared to more commercial islands. The North West of the island is a hub for yoga and new age courses and retreats. We also have many tourist activities like diving, snorkelling, beautiful waterfalls, elephant trekking, and the famous Chinese Temple.

Q. I get the feeling that the Orion Healing Centre is different to other cleansing centres, why is this?
A. Yes we are different; We can continue to offer personal attention and care to all those who are cleansing with us. The Orion Team is made up from healers and yogis with many years experience in living naturally and in harmony with the earth. We work personally with guests to release the body of the emotional and physical blockages. At Orion we encourage self-healing and empowerment through the combination of healing work yoga and detoxification.

Q. What are the benefits of colon cleaning?
A. Better elimination, stress reduction, increased assimilation of foods, release of toxins from the system, cleans organs and blood, increased vitality, clarity of mind, receptivity and heightened intuitive ability.

Q. What can colon cleaning heal?
A. Relief or elimination of fatigue, irritability, arthritis, bad breath, skin problems, headaches, depression, allergies, abdominal discomfort, bloating, digestive ills, menstrual problems & problems in conceiving.

Q. Why should we fast/ detoxify our bodies?
A. To cure the many diseases and imbalances that occur due to our busy modern-day lifestyles and diet. A detox is an extremely effective way to deal with illnesses that conventional medicine cannot cure. Fasting and detoxing is also an excellent preventative cure.

Q. Why is it recommended to do a supported fast at a Centre?
A. A full detox is such a powerful and unique spiritual, emotional and physical experience, we recommend that people are in a supported retreat environment, away for the conditionings and patterns that usually limit us, for the duration of the fasting process. It is also good to distance oneself from the distractions of home and work. Here we are able to support you throughout the fasting process, in a beautiful environment, close to nature.

Q. What is a colema?
A. Also known as a “colonic,” a safe, effective method for cleansing the colon of waste material, hydrating, and supporting the release of physical, energetic and emotional tension by repeated, gentle flushing of the colon with water. It is literally a water massage of the tummy and colon from the inside out.

Q. Why not use enemas instead?
A. While everything has a purpose, enemas are not substitutes for colonics. Enemas are useful for emptying the rectum/bowels (the lowest 6-12 inches of the colon).

Q. What is the difference between an enema and a colema?
An enema is done using an enema bag, which uses up to 2 litres of water. Enemas only reach about 6-12″ into your insides. No colema board is used, so this process is administered while laying on the floor. When you are ready to evacuate the water, you must jump onto the toilet….. This is not very relaxing (a colema board for allows you to lie down and relax during the whole process). Enemas are somewhat messy and inconvenient, although they can be useful in an emergency (e.g. if you are experiencing constipation). The process is repeated by re-inserting the tip. This can become very inconvenient and painful. During a cleansing program, frequent colonic irrigations are required, so using an enema bag is time-consuming and ineffective, as it only allows water into the lower bowel. Enema bags do not release enough water to shift mucoid plaque or hardened mucus in the colon. They can, however, can be bought in your local pharmacy and are very inexpensive.
Please note: When you are making enquiries with other detox centres, be sure to ask if they use enema bags or colema treatments. This is important.
Colemas using a Colema Board
Colemas use 10 litres of water in each treatment. Waters flows in and out of the colon naturally and without discomfort, the whole process is done lying down on the colema board. The Colema Board procedure frees your hands to massage the abdomen as the water is let into the bowel. When you want to release the water, you relax, and allow the loosened fecal matter to fall into the toilet. This procedure is repeated until the entire contents of the bucket have been exhausted. This system is extremely effective in removing mucoid plaque from the walls of the colon.

Q. Why can’t I just use herbs to clean out my colon?
A. Herbs can help clean out the colon, but can be harsh and stressful on the organs and immune system. The cleansing process should give the body rest, not add undue stress to it. We provide guests with herbal supplements to aid the detox process, add nutrients to the body, and ensure that the body’s natural bacterial balance is not compromised.

Q. What happens to the naturally occurring intestinal flora while doing the detox?
A. Flushing out putrefied material in the large intestine prepares the environment for well-balanced intestinal flora. Good bacteria can only breed in a clean environment, which has been washed free of purification and accompanying harmful bacteria. This is why the intestines of a new born baby immediately begin to grow good intestinal flora. Each time you clean out the putrefying waste and make a better environment for the good flora, they start to multiply immediately, naturally. It also stands to reason that valuable nutrients are best absorbed in a clean environment rather than a toxic one. We also help this process by giving additional pro-biotic support throughout your detox.

Q. How long does a colema take?
A. Colema sessions take from about 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Q. Is a colema painful?
A. Colemas should not be painful. Most people actually enjoy the process and are especially pleased with the sensation of feeling both lighter and cleaner. Occasionally some people may feel some discomfort, however these experiences are usually the result of resistance and tension. The water flows in gently and is controlled by the user. Colemas allow for gentle intake and exit of water without the necessity to get up or move. This gentle process guarantees an effective, calming, and healing experience. We offer instructions on how to best relax during the process to minimise any discomfort.

Q. What kind of water is used?
A. We use purified water because it is capable of absorbing and flushing more toxins out of the colon, drawling out solid particles, chemicals, and other matter.

Q. Why do two colemas per day?
A. Most of us have a considerable amount of impacted feces in the colon; a hardened, rubbery, or wallpaper-like material. Substantial work must be done to remove it. Additionally, Western diets are filled with toxins, which are released into the bloodstream immediately a detox program begins. Two colemas per day help to flush out this waste at a faster rate, and avoid auto-intoxication (excess toxins from your organs moving around the blood stream in large amounts before being eliminated).

Q. Would you recommend coffee and garlic colemas, or just water colemas?
A. We recommend filtered water as a base for all the colemas. If needed you can have coffee, garlic or apple cider vinegar added to the colema. What is best for your individual needs will be discussed during your introductory lecture on colonics. If you know of any predisposed condition, such as parasites, please let us know in advance.

Q. Is detoxing hard?
A. This all depends on your lifestyle and your reasons for detoxing. Every day will be different; some days you’ll have more energy, and other days there will be a slump. Additionally, buried feelings and emotions may also surface, so being open and ready for this will make the detox easier. We have a wide range of holistic therapies to help through the more difficult days. Most people have a very positive experience during their detox, and we have many return customers who choose to make detoxing part of their yearly routine.

Q. I am a smoker. Is it OK to detox?
A. Yes, if you are a smoker you can still detox, although we recommend that during the cleanse you cut down on your cigarette intake or try to give up. It is very common that people have no desire to smoke during the detox.

Q. What is included in the pre-cleanse?
A. Included in the pre-cleanse are one yoga class, coconut, fruit salad, vegetable salad, steam room and two liver flush drinks.

Q. What comprises the liver flush drinks?
A. Freshly squeezed orange juice, lime juice, olive oil, garlic & ginger and a dash of cayenne.

Q. Do I have to pre-cleanse at Orion?

A. Yes, at least one day of pre-cleanse at Orion is necessary to embark on the full detox program. It prepares the body, balances the alkaline levels, and ensures the process is as smooth as possible. Our most popular program is the 11 day detox, which already includes a 2 day pre-cleanse.

Q. When does the fast begin?
A. The detox starts at 7am, check-in is one day prior to the detox to allow time to go through the program and to settle in. And also to have a pre-cleanse day.

Q. I plan to share a bungalow with my friend / partner and we are both doing the detox. Does this affect the price?
A. If two people are sharing the same bungalow, the second person pays 200 bhat per night.

Q. I would like to do a detox with you, but my partner does not want to detox. Can s/he still stay with me and does s/he pay for accommodation?
A. Yes s/he can stay with you. As the accommodation is included in the detox s/he has to pay 200 bhat per night.

Q. What is the price of additional treatments you offer including during the detox such as Chakra balancing, Crystal healing, CranioSacral therapy and the Chi Nei Tsang?
A. All holistic treatments are 1500 bhat for one hour.

Q. Are additional oil and Thai massages available?
A. Yes, oil and Thai massages are available swell as abdominal massage.

Q. Is the beach quiet?
A. Yes, Srithanu beach is very quiet.

Q. What are the contraindications (conditions that could prevent someone doing a detox)?
A. The following are contraindications for our detox. Exceptions are made for those with a referral from a registered practitioner. Cancer of the colon or GI (gastro-intestinal tract), acute abdominal pain, recent history of GI or rectal bleeding, congestive heart failure, uncontrolled hypertension, history of seizures, carcinoma of the rectum, abdominal surgery, intestinal perforation, abdominal hernia, recent colon or rectal surgery, diverticulitis, recent heart attack, general debilitation, vascular aneurysm, renal insufficiency, epilepsy or psychoses, cirrhosis, fissure or fistula, pregnancy, ulcerative colitis, acute Chrohn’s disease, rectal or abdominal tumours, and mental disorders or history of mental illness.

Q. How do a make a reservation for one of your programs?
A. Within 2 days of submitting your request we will advise you of availability. We will then require a non-refundable deposit.

Q. How do we pay a deposit for the program?
A. We require a deposit on booking for our detox programs with the outstanding balance payable on arrival. This is made using Pay Pal or bank transfer to our account (if Pay Pal is not possible). Details will be given at the time of booking. A small service charge is taken from Pay Pal.

Q. What about the remainder of the payment?
A. Orion Healing policy is that the balance is to be paid in full before starting your detox program. Please arrive at Orion Healing Centre with the remaining balance of your detox program. Your detox program will not begin until full payment is received. You will receive a breakdown of your balance in the email correspondence prior to your arrival at the Centre.
Please note: We only accept the balance in Thai Baht, unless pre-agreed in email correspondence. If it is pre-agreed we may be able to take the balance in Euros. Please note Orion Healing Centre does not have credit card facilities.

Q. Can I withdraw money easily in Thailand?
A. There are many ATM machines in Thailand. In Srithanu village there are 3 ATMs.