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Liver & Gallbladder Flush

Everyone can benefit from a Liver & Gallbladder Flush. It is particularly recommended if one feels unwell or tired at all times. Having a fatty diet like the standard western diet, a past of heavy drinking, abuse of drugs and medications are good reasons one should choose to do a liver flush.

The liver is our filtration organ. Most people in the western world can accumulate thousands of stones in the liver. They could be the reason why people fail to maintain good health and vitality. Those stones block the liver’s bile ducts, stressing this vital organ and the rest of the body. The majority of stones in the liver are made of cholesterol, fatty acids or other organic material that has accumulated in the bile ducts. Those found in the gallbladder are made of minerals, predominantly calcium salts, cholesterol crystals and bile pigments.
Liver and gallbladder stones can create disorders in the whole digestive system; Diseases in the mouth, in the stomach, in the pancreas, in the liver, etc. It is crucial to get rid of the stones via a liver flush.
Orion’s liver & gallbladder flush is a 7 day program of healthy eating with a vegan menu that is low in fat, without refined sugars and processed foods. During your preparation for the flush, you will take a special solution to soften the stones in the liver & bile ducts. You will also perform self-administrated colemas (colon irrigation) before and after the flush, to permit the excretion on the stones. On the night of the flush, you will take laxative drinks or pills (we give you the choice) and a special mixture of premium olive oil and fresh citrus juice.

The 7 day Liver & Gallbladder flush includes:

• Accommodation at Orion for 7 nights
• 3 x Meals per day (except on the 6th day)
• 1 x Herbal tea per day
• 1 x Young, fresh coconut juice per day
• 1 x Fresh juice per day
• Daily use of our herbal steam room
• 1 x Yoga class per day
• 2 x Thai massages
• 1 x Reiki session
• 2 colemas (self-administrated colon cleansing)
• Private colema equipment in the bungalow
• Colema rooms for those choosing the Dormitory
• 6 x Malic acid drinks to soften the stones during the preparation
• 4 x Epsom salt drinks
• 1 x Liver Flush drink with premium olive oil and fresh citrus juice

Liver & Gallbladder Flush  (Price in THB)

(Dormitory) Shared Fan room & shared bathroomPlease email us for rates and availability
(A) Basic Fan Room & hot water showerPlease email us for rates and availability
(C) Air-con Room & hot water showerPlease email us for rates and availability
(D) Air-con Room, hot water shower & sea viewPlease email us for rates and availability
(E) Air-con Room, DVD/ & hot water shower Please email us for rates and availability
(F) Air-con Room & DVD/Sitting area & hot water shower Please email us for rates and availability



I could not believe what came out of me after doing the Liver Flush.  After eating a healthy diet for over 4 years I thought I would not see all those stones.  I highly recommend doing this Liver and Gallbladder flush here at Orion, it is a great spot and amazing people come and attend their programs.

John from Canada


I have been a heavy drinker and I loved to party, so I figured it was time for me to finally treat my body with a little respect.  It has carried me along this life for over 40 years.  I wanted to see if what people said was true about the Liver and Gallbladder flush, they said you would have many stones, more than a hundred!  After doing this flush I will be back here again to gain more education from Orion staff!  I highly recommend this and it is never to late to change the way you treat your body.

Vlady from Russia


This is the second time I am here at Orion Healing Centre.  The first time I did the 11 day Detox program and it was just amazing.  They just started doing the Liver Flush program when I came the first time and after seeing the first few clients in this program I promised myself I would do it soon.  The food that you get while on this program is great, the yoga classes are amazing and the general setting is so peaceful.  The drinks that you take with the flush are fine and the two colonics are a breeze at the end of the program.  You would not believe what comes out of your body after this flush, EVERYONE could do this and be much happier with themselves!

Tammy from USA



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