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16 Night Weight Loss Program


Lose weight and you will gain tons of benefits. Taking off just 10% of your body weight can have a huge impact on your health. Today, most of people follow a standard western diet (meat, dairy, eggs, junk food) that is rich in refined sugars and salt, as well as saturated and trans fat. The population is getting fatter and sicker every day.

Being overweight or obese is associated with an increased risk for the development of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more. You have the power to change your life around by changing your diet and losing a few pounds. Lifestyle changes that include a healthier diet, physical activity and weight loss will make you feel younger than ever. Choosing our 16 night weight loss program could be the turning point of a new healthy and happy life.

Our 16 Nights Weight Loss program incorporates a Raw Food and Juice Fast to our famous  8 nights Fasting & Colon Cleansing Package, complemented by the addition of private yoga session, spa treatments, cooking class and nutrition consultation. Following this program that is rich in organic vegan ‘superfoods’ and supplements, will enable you to regain vitality, raise alkaline levels in your body and nourish it whilst increasing its enzyme activity. With the 8 nights detox, the body will return to its natural equilibrium. Weight Loss is one of the benefits that come out of the detoxification process.

This special diet will prepare your body for the fasting process. The 7 nights detox is one of the most efficient ways of cleaning the digestive tract, all the organs and the blood stream. During the detox you will enable your body to take a break from digestion, allowing the colon to release mucoid plaque and toxins that may have been residing in the body for many years, creating blockages and a slow and sluggish digestion. With the 8 nights detox, the body will return to its natural equilibrium. Weight Loss is one of the benefits that come out of the detoxification. Then, we will provide you with healthy meals that will help you maintain your ideal weight.


The 16 Nights Weight Loss Package 

– Accommodation for 16 nights

– 5 Days of Raw food diet ( 3 salads, 1 fresh juice, 1 coconut)

– 1 daily Yoga Class

– 6 Thai Massages

– 1 Private Yoga lesson

– 2 Reiki healing treatment

– 2 Spa treatments: Mineral Dead Sea face & body wrap and Ear coning

– Daily use of Herbal Steam room and Infrared Sauna room


2 Nights Pre-cleanse:

– 2 Salads per day

– 2 Liver flush drinks per day

– 1 coconut


8 Nights Detox:

– Introductory lecture on colemas (colon cleansing)

– All supplements: Green plus, mega vitamin and mineral complex, intestinal cleaner, pro-biotic healthy bacteria replacement

– 5 x detox drinks per day (with bentonite clay and psyllium husk)

– 1 x coconut water per day

– 1 x Herbal Tea per day

– 1 x Healthy broth per day

– 2 x colemas per day (self-administrated colonic)

– Private colonic equipment in the bungalow

– Option of coffee, apple cider vinegar and garlic colemas

– Filtered water for the colemas


2 Nights Post-detox:

– We help you break the fast in the best way: Papaya and Bee Pollen

– Post-detox information and guidelines for re-introducing foods after your detox

– Post Detox menu: 1 Fruit Salad &  1 Vegetable Salad or steamed veggies per day

– 1 Fresh Coconut per day


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16 NIghts Weight Loss Program (16 Nights)  Prices (THB)

Room TypeLow SeasonHigh SeasonPeak Season
Type A59,20064,00068,800
Type B Fan61,60066,40071,200
Type B a/c65,60070,40075,200
Type C70,40075,20080,000
Type D75,20080,00084,000
Type E80,00084,80089,600
Type F87,20092,00096,800
Low SeasonHigh SeasonPeak Season
May 1 - Jun 24Jan 13 - Apr 30Dec 20 - Jan 12
Sept 6 - Nov 25Jun 25 - Sep 5
Nov 26 - Dec 19

For more details on how to prepare for a detox program click here.


I don’t care anymore about my weight. I have changed my life style, going vegetarian which I could have never imagined before. I am sure my new healthy lifestyle will allow me to maintain my body in optimal shape and health.


‘The cleanse was an amazing experience. The results with my skin and energy are astounding. I feel like a new person!”

Claudia, England

3 years ago I changed my life after doing a detox here. After a few months of stressful experiences in recent times I knew where I needed to come and yet again I’ve had the most profound experiences and breakthrough

I felt myself shifted back into balance and looking forward to getting back to my life with a clear mind and open heart.

Laura, Australia,

We lost weight and more importantly, consider this detox as the initiation of a healthier lifestyle. I would like to thank Orion for this wonderful experience.

I will recommend this place to all my friends and will hopefully be back very soon.

Ved and mom, Bangkok

I came with low energy and parasites. I am leaving feeling happy and vibrant.

Lexy. USA

What a gift to my organs! My whole system is in gratitude to this profound Detox. Thank you for creating this beautiful place where I felt safe to let go and go deeper physically than I have ever known…I’ll be back…

Anne-Marie, France

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