About us

The Orion Healing Centre was founded by Ari and Daliah Barkan in 2005 through a passion for teaching Reiki.

We began by just sharing our lifestyle with those who came to us to study Reiki; We shared with people how to eat healthily, how to detoxify our bodies from accumulated poisons and to live the life that we desire. Through the combination of these things people became open to making shifts for the positive in their lives. The number of people that were coming to us just grew and grew and suddenly people from all over the globe were coming to participate in our retreats.”

We were joined in 2010 by Moti Wainer, who brings his knowledge of yoga and nutrition to Orion. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts and Orion Healing Centre continues to invite guests and specialist teachers in from around the world to join in and contribute to our programs.

With an emphasis on Detox, Yoga and nutrition, Orion Healing Center is a haven for personal growth. The centre is unique among detox centres as it allows detox to be accessible to all. With its inclusive program our detox enables all participants to benefit from the many activities that form our cleansing package. We believe that the yoga, healing and massage sessions included in the detox package aid the overall well-being of guests and make for a more enjoyable experience while detoxing.
The center is also host to a plethora of Healing workshops and Yoga trainings and is also open for drop-in classes and sessions with our resident teachers and healers.

Our Orion beachfront café and juice bar will nurture your body during your stay and ensure that your stay at Orion is a truly nourishing one!

Orion’s Tropical Setting

Orion Healing Center is set in a natural tropical garden full with butterflies and exotic flowers. The tranquil and friendly environment of the centre and surrounding village allows all guests to feel completely at ease.
Srithanu Village on Koh Phangan island, Thailand, has become a hub for yogis and those on their spiritual journey. The area attracts healers, teachers and students alike who all come together to create a real community feel. Many guests find themselves staying on long after finishing their stay at Orion and many more return each year, reaping the benefits of the relaxed pace of life, availability of healthy vegetarian food and of course the majestic sunsets that characterise this beautiful beach village.

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