Orion Healing Detox and Yoga Center

The Orion Healing Retreat Center is nestled in the serene Srithanu bay in Koh Phangan, Thailand. Amid soothing sounds and rippling waters, the center specializes in detox, healing retreats, and holistic therapies which help to balance your mind, body and soul, restoring a sense of serenity and vitality.

Living Healthy with Orion’s Healthy Living Program!


Christians’ bright smile speaks a thousand words!

After finishing his 1 week Healthy Living Program at Orion, he is feeling better than ever.


Christian has been living on Raw Food diet for past few years after he encountered with the health issues.
“I was out of shape and barely walk before. I had a problem with my knee from weight increase and lack of exercise. One day when I walked my dog with my limping legs and the dog dragged me until I almost fell to the ground, I started to realize I need to change something to get my healthy body back… then I began to change from diet.”
He emphasized to us that Diet is very important and number one priority to him. He has done many researches and studies on raw food diet and started to change his living path to the Raw Food.
“After I changed to consume only raw food for 6 months, I clearly see a big transformation in my body. My weight reduced 12 kg in 6 months, I walk much better. I feel strong, I can swim much more than before. My mind is clear and my body is light. Now I look younger and fitter than I was and I do not need the sun protection on my skin as my skin never get burn from high anti-oxidant in my body!”
“I eat only unprocessed and fresh food which are raw vegetable, fruit, yolk, nuts, coconut, corn. I sometimes eat Sashimi Salmon fish during winter in Switzerland to get some fats. Wherever I decide to travel to, I must be sure beforehand that those places can provide me the raw healthy diets. “
Leaving his home in Switzerland, Christian decided to travel to Thailand for the first time to join our Healthy Living Program at Orion Healing Center. This program provides unlimited daily raw food / juice / raw sweet / coconut and herbal steam sauna, yoga, massage and reiki treatment.
You will always find Christian around our cafe with a coconut, a big delicious salad and a smile! He especially loves the idea that anyone can have their food tailored to meet their specific needs and desires.
“Great food, nice people, good vibrations and a beautiful view is why I keep coming back. My heart is here..The food is number one here!” - Christian
Even 3 weeks after his program, Christian continues to come to Orion every day for our yummy healthy meals, spreading his joy and positive energy around our Center..Having really enjoyed the Thai massages and Reiki treatments at Orion, Christian is feeling so great that he will now be joining our morning Yoga classes for his very first ‘downward-facing dog’ ever! Good for you Christian! Keep up the healthy living and smiles :)

Thank You Roni and Taki

It is with deep gratitude that we bid farewell to two of our beloved yoga teachers, Taki and Roni Miteff. It is such a blessing to have had two devoted and experienced teachers share their knowledge and passion for yoga with the students who come for daily classes at Orion.


Taki and Roni saying their goodbyes to Taryn, our assistant holistic manager and Sachi, our amazing chef


Great to see our yoga shala full during low season


Taki took these great photos of a class with Roni

Taki and Roni leave beautiful Koh Phangan temporarily for some personal retreat and study time in India. We really appreciate their dedication and hard work and look forward to having them back with us with their newly gained knowledge and inspiration. It’s been wonderful to share our     space here at Orion with these two lovely souls. We miss them already!



 Taki with our holistic manager, Moti


28-day Renew & Revitalize Detox

12                     byron happy close-up                     Reiki master class

Byron Smith and his 28-Day renew & revitalize Detox program at Orion healing center


 Over the last month we’ve had with us a remarkable man, Byron Smith, from Australia. Byron has done 28-day Renew & Revitalize Detox Program and in the same time, learning Reiki I, II and Master teacher degree and Craniosacral Therapy with us as well. Byron was in touch with us for some weeks before finally settling upon Orion as the place where he wished to transform his life in all the ways he’d dreamed of. He arrived with the intention of letting go of all that was preventing him from living truly as his authentic self. It’s amazing how when people are ready for change everything falls into place to bring it about. Byron is living proof of this and his beautiful transformation has been and continues to be hugely inspirational for all who have had the pleasure of meeting him over the last 28 days.


“As I wake on day 17 of my fast it is incredible…the change I have travelled through. I no longer have confusion or doubts and am extremely clear about where I want to go. My sense of smell, sight, taste and hearing are clear and vibrant. I have dropped 12kg and now know what a healthy diet and lifestyle truly is. 


LOTS OF LOVE To All, Open your Heart and let this Beautiful Space Heal All / Byron xx”


During his detox, he was initiated into Reiki by our lovely teacher, Daliah Barkan. Byron spoke of the Reiki teachings and initiations as the perfect complement to detoxing. He felt that he was able to receive the Reiki with incredible clarity, which allowed him to come to a new awareness of the interconnected nature of all things. Reiki also acts as a detox, clearing blockages on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. The next stage of his detox was an extended fast of 17days! Wow! Byron handled the fast with admirable grace and became a walking example of the incredible benefits of fasting. He looks amazing and his joy has become contagious around here. He continued learning Reiki right up to the Master Teacher degree and then completed our course in Craniosacral Therapy!


It’s been wonderful to see him practice his newly honed healing skills on some of his fellow detoxers. Since breaking his fast, Byron has continued to follow a healthy diet and says he will never be able to return to old eating habits, nor old ways of relating to life since tasting the beautiful high of pure living.


Thai staff detox at Orion



It’s been beautiful to watch two of our beloved Thai staff members detox for the first time. Ann and Pop are part of the team that offers support to those detoxing here at Orion. They had both been skeptical of the process and even considered westerners completely mad for fasting and doing colonics. Days after finishing the programme, both Ann (who fasted for 7 days) and Pop (who continued for 10 days!) are glowing with health and a new-found enthusiasm for detoxing and healthy eating. Not only has the experience been hugely transformational for them, but they can also now empathise with and relate to the customers they serve on a daily basis. We’re all so proud of Ann and Pop and hope to see their living examples of the benefits of detoxing influence the family and friends around them.

In this photo : Pop (our Thai Chef and Detox coordinator), Moti (beloved boss) and Ann (our housekeeper and detox assistant)

Herbal steam power – from "The Tao of Detox" by Daniel Reid

“Among the most effective and pleasant ways of all to detox is to use traditional Thai herbal steam therapy, which is one of the most efficient methods of ridding the body of toxic wastes through the skin and lungs. It’s basically the same set-up as any ordinary steamroom system, except that highly aromatic medicinal herbs are added to the water in the boiler to produce a therapeutic herbal steam that engages both skin and lungs in the detox process.
This is also a form of aromatherapy, but instead of just sniffing the aromatic essence released in the air through your nose, you immerse your entire body in it and breathe in hot damp vapour that carries the medicinal aromatic essences of the herbs deeply into your lungs, where they quickly absorb into the bloodstream and circulate directly to every tissue of the body, delivering their therapeutic powers to each and every cell. At the same time, the hot steam opens the pores and allows the herbal vapours to enter the skin to draw toxins out with the sweat. Thai herbal steam simultaneously cleanses the body from the inside and the outside, providing a doubly detoxifying effect as well as a very relaxing, soothing experience.”

Detox Thailand Orion Herbal Steam
Herbal steam at Orion Healing Center

“More than 70 different aromatic herbs are used in traditional Thai steam therapy, but the primary ones are lemongrass, kaffir lime, ginger root, galanga root, basil, cinnamon, rosemary, pepper and mint. In addition, you may also use aromatic medicinal herbs from other regions of the world, particularly those known for their cleansing, relaxing and rejuvenating properties such as lavender, lemon balm and sage.”

“To use an herbal steam bath for detox therapy, first drink a few cups of hot herbal tea that has cleansing or relaxing properties, such as peppermint, sage or ginger. Then enter the steamroom and sit quietly inside for about 20 minutes, breathing deeply through the nose. Next, leave the steamroom and take a plunge in a cool pool, or stand under a cold shower, to cool off the body, rinse sweat from the skin, close the pores and stimulate the lymph and endocrine systems. Relax for 5-10 minutes, then repeat the process two or three more times. When you are finished, be sure to drink at least two large glasses of alkaline water to rehydrate your tissues and remineralize your cellular fluids.”

From The Tao of Detox: The Secrets of Yang-Sheng Dao