28 Nights Renew & Revitalise

Spend 28 nights immersing yourself in our tranquil surroundings, nurturing body, mind, and spirit with daily yoga and meditation classes, our Cleanse & Detox Program, Thai massages, holistic treatments, healthy and delicious vegan food from our award-winning Orion Café.

Healing and detoxification are a powerful synergistic combination that helps you achieve balance, well-being, vitality, focus and inner peace. The Renew & Revitalise program is designed to help you relax and connect to your true potential.

Fasting is the world’s most ancient healing tradition. It triggers a wondrous cleansing process that reaches every cell and tissue in the body and is one of the best cures for the imbalances and diseases that occur due to our modern-day lifestyles and diets. In this unique program you have the flexibility to fast for up to 21 days. Our wellness coaches will be able to determine what length of fast is the best for you. 

Post detox, you will receive a much longer integration and reintroduction of healthy foods in comparison to our shorter programs. You will also have the opportunity to nourish yourself with blissful meals from our multiple award-winning Orion Café. The comprehensive menu will nurture you with healthy and delicious raw fruits, succulent salads, a variety of vegetables and juices that balance the pH in the body to help increase your vitality during pre & post cleanse days.

Other benefits that you can enjoy throughout your stay which are included in your program are a traditional Thai massage, Reiki treatment, paddle boarding, infrared sauna, and Thai style herbal steam room. 

Our engaged and knowledgeable wellness staff offer daily support and guidance throughout the detox program, personalised support and day-by-day dietary guidelines for after you break the fast. We want you to feel comfortable, at ease and relaxed as you take the steps towards a healthier, happier, more balanced lifestyle.

For those who are seeking a real change in lifestyle, immerse yourself in this one month program and completely reset your digestive tract, emotions and wellbeing.


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    • Promotes weight loss
    • Purifies bloodstream + lymph
    • Cleanses the body of toxins 
    • Increased mental clarity, concentration and creativity
    • Rejuvenates the skin + prevents acne 
    • Reduces the risk of chronic diseases
    • Cleanses the bowel + improves digestion 
    • Promotes longevity
    • Reduces blood pressure 
    • Improved athletic performance
    • Inspires spiritual evolution
    • Reduces inflammation 
    • Improves brain health
    • Alleviates pain
    • Nutritional Cooking Class, provides skills and knowledge to maintain healthful eating post program 




    I write as I complete Orion’s 28-day detox program and they way over-delivered and exceeded my expectations. Words like transcendent and transformative are overused, but they describe my experience perfectly. Here’s the short list of what delighted me most. 

    Astounding quality vegan menu. That kitchen staff is not only talented but genuinely attentive. And funny. Excellent customer service is not common on the island; I looked forward to each dining experience. I never imagined I would be happy eating at one place three times a day. Super high-quality ingredients and inventive healthy cuisine. The chef even gave us a cooking class. Talented guy.


    -Brian Gruber, Writer
    San Fransisco, California

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    "I stayed at Orion for almost a month, taking part in the 28 Day Renew and Revitalise program. I had a two-day pre-cleanse (eating mainly vegetables) and an 11 day fast, which was absolutely amazing. The setting was perfect. Right on the water, coconut trees, butterflies, peaceful. During the fast, there was so much support from staff and yoga teachers. If your thinking of a retreat in paradise then Orion is your place."

    - Estia

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