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In today's fast-paced world, the demands of daily life often leave us feeling disconnected from our true selves and yearning for inner peace. Many yoga enthusiasts aspire to deepen their practice, find a sense of purpose, and share the incredible benefits of yoga with others. However, it can be a struggle to discover the ideal environment and guidance for this profound transformation.

Orion Healing Center, on the enchanting island of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand, provides the ideal healing haven. Escape the chaos of modern life and immerse yourself in a nurturing environment where you can re-establish a profound connection with your true self and unlock your potential as a yoga teacher.



As featured on the BBC & Netflix series 'The Retreat'


More Than A Certification

Our 200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course is a transformative 28-day intensive program designed to immerse you in a healing experience like no other. This program goes beyond conventional yoga teacher training — it's a comprehensive journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and profound bliss. Our students love our course not only for the certification, but also for the lifelong memories, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and connection with like-minded individuals.

Throughout the program, you'll dive deep into yoga philosophy and anatomy, participating in daily yoga classes and hands-on workshops. These immersive experiences equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to create engaging and unique yoga classes. Whether it's understanding alignment, mastering hands-on adjustments, or offering modifications for injury-free classes, we ensure that you'll feel empowered to teach a yoga class anywhere around the world.

What's Included:

✅ 28 days of expert-led instruction by an experienced team of teachers.

✅ Delicious breakfast and lunch buffets from our award-winning vegan cafe on all course days.

✅ Unlimited access to all campus amenities, including our swimming pool, steam room, sauna, and ice bath.

✅ Group excursions to enchanting waterfalls and Thai temples.

✅ Access to workshops focused on emotional empowerment.

✅ Free attendance to Kirtan. 

✅ A 20% discount on our detox program. 

✅ Printed course manual to aid your learning.

✅ The opportunity to teach your first yoga class at Orion after graduation.

By joining our program, you'll not only achieve a Yoga Teacher certification but also gather unforgettable life experiences and foster connections within a supportive community of fellow spiritual travelers. 

Our unwavering dedication to being a healing center ensures that you receive holistic and enriching experiences that surpass those of standard yoga teacher training courses.

Above and Beyond

At Orion, we believe in going the extra mile to enhance your experience and ensure your yoga teacher training is truly exceptional. Here are some exclusive extras you'll enjoy when you join our program:


Unlimited Access to All Campus Amenities:

Take full advantage of our swimming pool, steam room, sauna, and ice bath. These amenities are at your disposal throughout your training, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate after your intensive sessions.


Group Excursions:

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Thailand with our group excursions to enchanting waterfalls and serene Thai temples. These outings offer cultural enrichment and unforgettable memories.


Emotional Empowerment Workshop:

Our program doesn't stop at yoga poses. We offer workshops focused on emotional empowerment, providing you with valuable tools to enrich your inner journey.


Free Attendance to Kirtan:

Experience the soulful and meditative practice of Kirtan with complimentary access during your training. It's a unique opportunity to connect with your inner self.


20% Discount on Our Detox Program:

As a participant, you'll enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on our detox program, an excellent complement to your yoga journey for holistic wellness.

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it's about what you learn on the way down"
- Jigar Gor

Journey of Enlightenment:
200 hour Testimonials

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    Orion Healing
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    Elena AntoninoElena Antonino
    13:56 27 Mar 23
    I stayed at Orion for 16 days at the beginning of January, I experienced both the Yoga and Healthy Living program and the Cleanse and Detox one...and after a couple months I still have no words to properly describe how great everything was :)The location is dreamy, the atmosphere is peaceful and loving, the staff is experienced and ready to help with anything you need, the food is delicious. To say that I had a transformative experience is an understatement: I actually thought about moving there to be part of this incredible project of Orion. I stayed in one of their bungalow inside the property and I barely moved for my whole stay, you really have everything you need in this incredible happy island. Yoga classes are amazing and you can choose among a lot of different styles and teachers, there are plenty of workshops to keep your body and mind busy if you want, or you can decide to be on your own if you prefer some solo time, there is never any pressure or judgment, everyone is ready to help with a smile, you really feel at home and part of the family as soon as you get there. I met several wonderful people that I hope to keep in my life forever and I will definitely be back as soon as I can. Thank you to chef Cooper for his delicious food, all the reception staff and everyone for their great job. Orion is a precious, unique place in this world full of pain and anger and I look forward to going back!!
    Kirsten CommendaKirsten Commenda
    17:03 18 Jan 23
    Orion's is one of my happiest places on this planet! Not only does the team create an exceptionally beautiful and tranquil environment but there are also remarkably qualified yoga teachers, lots of inspiring workshops and events to choose from every day, and the most yummy vegan food of the island. While I was there in January 2023, I already reserved my spot for 2024 - just to make sure it won't be sold out until then 😉
    Alex ValevAlex Valev
    06:39 27 Dec 22
    Amazing facility, located in the heart of Srithanu directly at a beach. Incredible selection of courses related to yoga, meditation, movement, spiritual practice, breathwork, shamanic ceremonies, creative endeavors, ice baths and sauna.Also they have the best vegan restaurant on the island, by my estimation. Incredible food.Overall the energy and vibes are very good, relaxed and uncomplicated. I will always come here when on Koh Phangan!Peace & Love
    Michelle WaldMichelle Wald
    06:18 30 Oct 22
    I loved my time at Orion. I did the 16 day package but many people stay for different lengths of time. There were lots of yoga and workshop options, access to a large range of incredible practitioners and amazing vegan food prepared by the kitchen - it is enough to make you reconsider your meat eating ways. The staff in the office are all really lovely and very accommodating. Highly recommend it - planning my next visit!

    Course Details


    Our decision to offer a Vinyasa yoga teacher training is rooted in our deep reverence for the traditional Vinyasa practice. Our 200-hour course is a true reflection of this dedication. We firmly believe in the philosophy of flow and have handpicked our teachers to ensure you receive the most authentic Vinyasa experience possible. Unlike other courses, our instructors place a heavy emphasis on teaching you how to construct traditional flow sequences, allowing us all to honor the cultural origins of Vinyasa yoga.

    Yoga Techniques Training & Practice

    Yoga Techniques Training & Practice

    Yoga Asanas.
    Yoga styles.
    The Art of Adjusting.
    Inversion and Arm Balances.
    Introduction to Ayurveda.
    Introduction to Chakras.

    Teaching Methodology

    Teaching Methodology

    Class sequencing and setting a sacred space.
    Yoga teacher qualities and ethics.
    Assisting and adjustment students.
    The business side of yoga.

    Yoga Anatomy

    Yoga Anatomy

    Body systems, muscles and bones.
    Upper & lower limbs
    Nervous system and spine.
    Safety rules for injuries and injury prevention.

    Yoga Philosophy

    Yoga Anatomy

    The History of Yoga.
    Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali.
    The 8 Limbs of Yoga.
    Karma & Dharma.
    Maya & Koshas.

    The most authentic 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training Course in Koh Phangan

    Our 200 Hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Course in Koh Phangan Thailand, is a 28-day intensive course that has been purposfully idesigned to give you a immersive healing experience.

    Over the years, we have enhanced our YTTC syllabus, to become the most authentic Vinyasa retreat on the island. Each day includes a blend of subjects including anatomy, philosophy and Asana Labs that all count towards your 200 Hr RYS accreditation.

    Unlike many other schools, we offer every graduate the chance to be featured on our weekly schedule and teach their first class in our main shala

    Sample Schedule

    07:30 - 09:30  Meditation & Yoga Practice

    09:30 - 10:30  Breakfast break

    10:30 - 12:00  Philosophy / Anatomy

    12:00 - 13:30  Sequencing

    13:30 - 15:30  Lunch break

    15:30 - 17:30  Lecture & Asana Practice

    19:00 - 20:30  Evening Activity (Biweekly)




    Prices starting from 1869 Euro*

    21 July - 18 August

    15 September - 13 October

    17 November - 15 December

    Your Dedicated Teachers

    As the dedicated driving force behind our 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training course, our team brings decades of combined teaching experience. We understand the importance of adapting to our student's unique needs and strive to create a versatile learning environment that caters to everyone's requirements.


    Founded & ran her own yoga studio in Scotland for 3 years and has over 6,000 hours teaching experience. Every class she teaches is thoughtful, planned, stimulating and guaranteed to leave students, beginners to advanced, feeling empowered and eager to return to the mat.

    Eidan lives, speaks and breathes the two wisdoms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and yoga in his classes as a teacher for Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin Yoga. Participating in Eidan's classes will leave you with value added knowledge based on two ancient philosophies.

    Paula, a Yoga teacher and Registered Nurse shares her passion of the human body and it’s expression through Yoga. Teaching Yoga since 2011 in both Koh Phangan and her native Ireland her classes create a space for her students to connect deeply with the physical body

    Antonio is an Ashtanga & Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher (RYT500 Yoga Alliance) and Thai massage therapist, graduated in India and Thailand. He loves to teach inversions, arm balance and advanced creative sequencing.


    Casey aims to place an emphasis on embodied awareness in each of her classes. Helping to guide students to deepen the connection between breath and movement, increasing internal awareness, moving and breathing with intention, and calming the mind & nervous system


    Raj has been involved in Yoga in one form or the other since injuring his spine in 2009 to teaching his first class in 2010. He is a Sikh, born and raised in Thailand. The influence of Sikhi alongside the teachings of the Buddha filter through his practice of Yoga Philosophy. Raj embodies the principles of Yoga, the Yoga philosophy is embedded in the way he chooses to live and is apparent within any of his yoga classes. Raj brings his knowledge and experience to the Teacher Training team at Orion, sharing yoga philosophy with depth, practicality, and wide range of perspective.

    Daliah Barkan is the co-founder of Orion Healing Centre. A Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, CranioSacral practitioner, intuitive body worker and herbologist. Daliah has been sharing her love for Yoga and Healing for over 15 years treating and holding courses to attune people to this divine energy.


    teachings focus on empowering others by working through their inner critic, deeply rooted thought patterns, and self-compassion. He uses his experience of over 12 years, as a Retreat Facilitator to create a safe space and transformation. Being an Entrepreneur for over a decade, he has a special inclination to deeply understand the mental patterns of Entrepreneurs and Professionals.

    Your plant-based buffet

    Indulge in our nutritious vegan breakfast and lunch buffet* during your course days.

    At Orion, we offer a thoughtfully curated spread designed to nourish you throughout the day. We prioritize health-conscious choices, providing an abundance of superfoods and sustainable ingredients to energize your journey.

    Our commitment to well-being means avoiding refined sugars, preservatives, pesticides, GMOs, MSG, and palm oil. Join us twice daily in our eco-conscious café environment, thoughtfully aligned with the planet's harmony, and embrace the taste of plant-based nutrition.

    Beachfront bliss.
    Reconnect with yourself on
    natures doorstep

    Eco-Friendly Accommodations

    Embrace the sights and sounds of nature in our eco-friendly accommodations. Our rooms offer a serene sanctuary designed to blend both comfort and sustainability. 

    These spaces are constructed using responsibly sourced bamboo to complement the local environment and architectural aesthetics. 

    Our campus accommodations are divided into two distinct areas: eco-bamboo bungalows and garden rooms:


    Join our Yoga Teacher Training Course for…

    • Expert-led instruction over 28 days.
    • Delicious vegan buffet* breakfast & lunch meals on course days.
    • Invaluable support from our experienced team of teachers.
    • A comprehensive course manual for your learning.
    • The chance to teach your first yoga class at Orion.
    • Unforgettable life experiences and connections within a supportive community.
    • Access to campus amenities, group excursions, emotional empowerment workshops, Kirtan, and a detox program discount.

    Only 25 spaces are available on every course to ensure an intimate and personalized experience.

    Register 3 months in advance of the start date and save with our Early Bird discount offer! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity.

    Choose your

    2024 Promo early bird Price

    € 1,869*

    *Price excludes accommodation. Our rates are pegged to the Thai Bhat 69,133 THB. The Euro rates may vary due to currency exchange rate fluctuations.


    2024 Early Bird Price

    € 1,999*

    *Price excludes accommodation. Our rates are pegged to the Thai Bhat 73,200 THB*. The Euro rates may vary due to currency exchange rate fluctuations. Early bird offer expires 3 months before the start date.

    2024 Standard price

    € 2,199*

    *Price excludes accommodation. Our rates are pegged to the Thai Bhat 81,333 THB*. The Euro rates may vary due to currency exchange rate fluctuations.

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      *Our rates are pegged to the Thai Baht, Euro rates may vary. Price is excluding accommodation, including 7% VAT. We reserve the right to change promotions at any time. Discounts are non-transferable, max 2 discounts per booking. Further Terms & Conditions apply.



        Your Investment

        2023 Promo EARLY BIRD Price

        € 1,869*

        *Price excludes accommodation. Our rates are pegged to the Thai Bhat 69,133 THB. The Euro rates may vary due to currency exchange rate fluctuations.


        2024 Early Bird Price

        € 1,999*

        *Price excludes accommodation. Our rates are pegged to the Thai Bhat 73,200 THB*. The Euro rates may vary due to currency exchange rate fluctuations. Early bird offer expires 3 months before the start date.

        2024 Standard price

        € 2,199*

        *Price excludes accommodation. Our rates are pegged to the Thai Bhat 81,333 THB*. The Euro rates may vary due to currency exchange rate fluctuations. 

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